My name is Heather Nicole.
For my entire life, I have felt a deep connection to wildlife and nature. I have always been fascinated by bugs, lizards, birds, turtles, rabbits – anything I found crawling or flying around my backyard. I developed an interest in photography at a young age. While I enjoy many types of photography, my lens is primarily focused on the wild things.
As I have gotten older and witnessed more and more incredible gifts from Mother Nature, my passion for photography has grown stronger and more personal. I feel a visceral need to travel and witness the beautiful creatures and vast lands of this planet – while I still can.


Animals are sentient beings. They are emotional. They have roamed this planet long before we have. Animals need to be respected. 
In this ever-changing world, there is an urgency to tell the stories of the voiceless. 
My desire is to showcase the connectedness that exists among all life.
My hope is to encourage people to slow down, just a little bit—to peacefully observe, appreciate, and respect the harmony in nature that surrounds us and that we are all a part of—the nature that is so deeply ingrained in all of us.

Without Mother Nature
We Would Cease To Exist